Urgent: tragic change to Village is imminent, can it be halted???

Friends of Jackson House also advocates for the due respect and proper treatment of the Fishkill Historic District, particularly the Jackson and Main Street area. Currently, two land parcels within the district are slated for mixed use development and they are of particular concern.
We view historic preservation and green space as opportunities that will insure a sustainable future for Fishkill, …both town and village.
We recognize the vital importance of Fishkill’s rich historic heritage to New York State and to the nation.
We shall work to further develop a constructive dialog between all involved parties to encourage a best outcome scenario.
Evert Swart built the structure we now refer to as the Jackson House in 1741. James Weeks, a Captain of the local militia, used it as a tavern during the American Revolution and it stood witness to the passage of thousands of Revolutionary War soldiers during this era. The tavern went on to serve as a stopping point for travelers through the 18th century. Judge Joseph Jackson, the first judge of Duchess County, purchased the home in 1808, living there till his death in 1863. In 1900 the house was turned into the Colonial Inn. It went on to be the home of two village mayors.The Mid Hudson Medical Group moved from this home on Jackson Street during the mid 2000s and it has been unoccupied since .
The Fishkill Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.
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Sex offender living at Jackson Apartments


And the harassment continues…

Tonight at 9:30 my husband and I returned home from the movies (we saw Argo – it was GREAT by the way). About 5 minutes later, there’s a knock on the door.

“John,” I say, “It’s the police?” This is a question/statement, because I knew it was the police (I saw the car) but my mind was scrambling trying to piece together what they might want.

“Hello miss,” the officer says, “Do you have a dog?”

Somehow I feel the urge to deny this even as Dulci and Delicious’ grinning faces are poking between my knees, “Perhaps,” I answer, “Is something wrong?”

“We had a complaint today.”

“A complaint? But they haven’t gotten out. We have an electric fence, they haven’t left the yard, they are friendly dogs and wouldn’t bother anyone.”

“Well I had a call from a neighbor who complained about the barking. Mr. Yellen said – ”


“Mr. Yellen,” pointing, “He lives right over there,” he says pointing into the woods, “At first I thought he meant your other neighbors across the street but-”

“Oh no it’s us,” I sigh, “He hates us.”

“Well he was complaining about he noise.”

“He HATES us,” I repeat with the most sincere expression I can muster while struggling not to roll my eyes, or laugh, or scream, or both, “He’s our neighbor but we don’t have anything to do with him. We don’t go on his property, we don’t even look at his property, if my kids ball rolls onto his property they know they’ve lost a ball. If he called in a complaint to the police about anyone in this neighborhood I can guarantee you it was us. He calls the cops on us about every six months, so we’re about due,” I pause, “This is the first time he’s complained about the dogs though. That’s a new one.”

“Well,” says the cop smiling, “Try and keep them under control.”




Expanding my project

So – while I’m not going to get too lazy about the Baxtertown Woods Development – I still want to keep that on my radar- I’ve decided to take on a new endeavor, and that is to remain aware of the various building projects that rear their heads from time to time around the Village and the Town. I realize that there is a distinct difference between the Town of Fishkill and the Village of Fishkill – but at the same time I think it’s important to acknowledge that what is good for the Town is good for the Village – and vice versa. So I have no problem sticking my nose in either area.

One nice thing is that I’ve actually got volunteers helping me out. Some good friends have offered to information-gather and do some legwork. Love you guys!

Could this have been prevented?


9 months ago over 200 trees were illegally removed from the forest behind my house without any regard to the effect that this would have on the surrounding area.

This is a view of the back of my house – shot at around 11am this morning. No question there was a lot of water coming out of the sky today as it was hurricane Irene – but the nagging question remains…if there had not been such a haphazard & irresponsible amount of deforestation occurring this year – would the flood have been anywhere near this bad?

My letter to the building inspector and Town Supervisor

I just keep reading this. This is the Stop Work Order & the letter that I wrote in response to the fact that it took them MONTHS to follow up on my phone calls. Note: I never received a response to this letter. Surprise.

stop work order


Trees felled against the law
Leaves fall
Your condo plans are
Beautiful ashes