No news is (sometimes) bad news…

It’s been quiet…too quiet…

Well, I haven’t heard anything recently regarding development of the Yellen Property, have you?

A little bird told me that some developments that have been on hold may be pushed through this year in a misdirected attempt to alleviate taxes while instead crushing home values and increasing traffic and demand on resources like water, the school system, etc.

Let’s not get complacent. PLEASE email me so that I can have your email address when (not if) we all need to pull together and be heard. Pass this website on to everyone you know! And OF COURSE – sign the petition below!

My facebook page can be found under Karen Skelton.

As always thank you for your interest in this important project!


3 Responses

  1. Thank you for starting this blog. Please keep me informed of any news. Thank you,
    Josh Farrell

  2. hi there, Just became awared of this new development, my property is directly adjacent. Has there been any updates since Jan 2010?

    • Hi maureen- hope you are checking the newest blog. This is on the agenda for tonight. If you can be there with the rest of us that would be great!

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