Manor Estates is on the agenda for tonight

Ah so I met with some friends last night and lo and behold someone mentioned that they had noticed that Manor Estates is on the Board agenda for tonight, Thursday August 12th.

It’s disturbing, I’ve been keeping an eye on the agendas over the summer and this is the first I’ve seen anything on it…although apparently it was also on last month’s agenda as well. I missed that – maybe it is just the summer getting ahead of me, and for that I apologize. Unfortunately (and of course) there are no minutes listed online from that meeting, so I have no idea what was discussed or proposed. All I know is that the applicant was ‘reintroducing’ this proposal to the Board.

So tonight should be interesting. I’m doing my best to let people in town know that this is again before the Board. While I don’t believe that there will be any Q&A allowed from the attendees, it is an open meeting and it is extremely important to show that people who live in this neighborhood are concerned enough about this project to be watching very closely what is proposed.

Please – pass this information on to your friends in the neighborhood! I will be there in person with information to distribute. I am hoping that – even though this is extremely short notice- we’ll be able to enlighten more people than ever about this unfortunate project.


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  1. This project is deeper that the eye can see…. all parties must be investigated; otherwise Fishkill will become a disaster zone! This group and the owner should not be trusted! The Crest Group is really a lawyer behind the scene in Long Island who plans to flip the property, and the owner could care less for the people of Fishkill. For many years the owner has lived and has a business in Japan. He only cares about the money! Mark my word, there will be short cuts attempted, unless someone with power steps up to the plate to protect the community! This is no joke – you see what a slumlord the owner is; take a look at the condition of the buildings today!

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