Meeting on March 5th

After some thought I’m going to keep the meeting small and private – open to anyone who is interested, however not the type of thing where you can just walk in unannounced. So if you’d like to see the latest plans for development and most importantly if you might be interested in joining a group called called KFBINC then please consider attending this meeting.

KFBINC volunteers will help watchdog & gather information about the development. The latest news is that in December they had started clearing the site using bulldozers & heavy machinery to do clearing without a permit. Neighbors called the Town and there hasn’t been further clearing for a few weeks however there are a ton of felled trees left behind and it just illustrates how insidious this project is.

DATE March 5th

LOCATION The I-84 Diner

TIME 2pm



Check it out: what the Town Code says about logging!

Well as I mentioned back in December, there was quite a bit of logging going on. I watched tree after tree be taken down. Thankfully a friend checked in with the Town- turns out they didn’t have  a permit to log and it was halted.

In the meantime, I get to worry now – a ton of trees were taken down at the top of the hill adjacent to my back yard…with that root system so drastically diminished, what is this spring going to look like on my property? Ugh!

Please see that I’ve added a page to the blog that highlights some of the Town Codes that I think are pertinent. Below is only one statement that underscores what I’m trying to take action against!


For the purpose of preventing erosion, minimizing stormwater runoff and flooding, preserving the Town’s underground water resources and protecting the Town’s character and property values, it is the intent of this chapter to prevent the development of hilltops, ridgelines and steep slopes.