March 5 meeting update

The meeting on March 5 was great. I want to thank all who were able to attend. It was nice to see new faces and talk about the 200+ apartment & townhome (high density) complex proposed for the 60 acres along Baxtertown Road & Jackson St. There is clearly a very real concern among residents.

One of the biggest things I picked up on at the meeting was that while people are genuinely concerned about the development, no one wants to become a “target” for the owner (Tom Yellen) or the developers. This is understandable – and I also think workable.

To that end, please be aware that whenever I send out emails I always BCC. If someone wants to add some information to the website – I will add it as though I’M the one saying it (unless you really do want your name on there). Please keep in mind that I consider people’s fear of stepping out a real issue and I will do everything I can to protect people’s privacy.


1. Visit the website: This is the main “tool” I’m going to use in the future to communicate the issues. Read what is on there, and give me suggestions to what I should add or change. If you have a comment you would like to add- you can do this ANONYMOUSLY, that is fine!

2. Mark your calendar – Sunday, May 1st – we’ll be meeting up again at 2pm. This time we will meet at my home which gives us a direct view of the proposed development. I’ll also have copies of the latest set of plans. I’ll send out a reminder when the date gets closer but again, this is not an open meeting – I will ask you to please RSVP before showing up. I will give my address out to those of you who don’t know it over the phone.

3. I’ll be drafting a letter that can be sent to the town in regard to the logging that was done over this past winter on this site, as this was another big issue that came up at the meeting. I will send out a draft in a later email so that you can edit it as you like and send it on your own if you like.

4. If you use Facebook please consider becoming a “Fan” of the page called Keep Fishkill Beautiful. Again, this is just another way that I am going to try and keep people in the loop.