Meeting May 1 at 2pm

We’ll be meeting Sunday May 1 at 2pm in Fishkill. I will be putting up a copy of the latest development plans & talk to individuals regarding what’s going on with this development (whatever I know – and hopefully more people will have more information!).

If you are interested please contact me at for directions & to rsvp.


Well HERE it is!

I finally got my hands on the plans  for the proposed development. Check it out…we’re looking at 60 townhomes and 140 proposed apartments. I noticed that they’ve nearly doubled the number of apartments since the original proposal – what I’m seeing as an attempt to adhere to the guidelines for high density/low income housing.

All I think of when I see this are the quotes from the Town Board meeting last August:

Town Engineer Andrews: The plan calls for development very close to neighbors on surrounding properties in a couple of places in particular. “We’ll entertain waivers if you’re sensitive to the community around you.”

From Chairman Knips: There are problems with roads and parking lots. Aesthetically, they’re not particularly pleasing. Plus, there has been very little thought given to plowing in the winter.

Boardmember Harvey: There is “too much on that parcel….the word ‘barracks’ comes to mind.”

Made a lot of calls tonight…

All those hours spent at the Town Hall are paying 0ff (thank you John). I came across a petition that was sent out in 2006 – several hundred names & phone numbers of people who were concerned about this development. Needless to say I’ve been on the phone quite a bit over the past few hours & made a lot of really good connections.