August 12, 2010: Boardmember Harvey:
There is “too much on that parcel….the word ‘barracks’ comes to mind.”

This website is dedicated to cutting through rumors and to distributing accurate information regarding the proposed development of Manor Estates at Fishkill.

There are sixty plus acres of land in the Town of Fishkill currently owned by Thomas Yellen. Yellen is in the process of selling this land to The Crest Group for development into a combination of 200+ townhomes and apartments.

Many people who live in the area have little or no idea about what exactly has been proposed. Sure, there have been some town meetings – but even for those who have attended these meetings, the truth has been hard to find.


This project will bring hundreds of new cars to the roads and traffic congestion will be increased, traffic problems will be exacerbated.
June 26, 2008 (John Morabito, Planning Board Consultant)
“With all due respect to the applicants, the potential impacts have been somewhat downplayed…it could be argued that the increase of traffic on the roads is a potential large impact…There are already significant issues with traffic on the subject roads. A development of this size will only exacerbate the problems.”

To date, the developers have not met requirements regarding open space issues. The developers want to consider the PROTECTED WETLANDS (undevelopable open space) as “Open Space”. Open space is understood to be recreational space where residence could enjoy the outdoors.
July 3, 2008 (Dutchess County Department of Planning and Development)
“Of particular concern is the lack of meaningful open space on this site.”

Dutchess County Department of Public Works requires an alternative means of ingress and egress. The Rombout Fire Department believes that an emergency road is necessary for the development. This road would cut through to the back of Wheaton Avenue.

The Manor Estates developers must address a serious issue regarding stormwater runoff, as referred to in the STORMWATER POLLUTION PREVENTION PLAN (SWPPP). This plan determines how the development will handle rainwater runoff. Of particular concern is the fact that there is another development (one that has passed final approval) slated to be erected farther up on Baxtertown Road. This development will have water running off into the wetlands, and this additional runoff will be going into the same area where the Manor Estates is expects their runoff to be channeled.
Expecting the wetlands in this area to be able to handle BOTH the runoff from the approved development AND the Manor Estates “proposed” development will make an ALREADY BAD PROPOSAL FOR WATER RUNOFF WORSE!

The developers working on the Manor Estates project have not been forthcoming in regard to variances (requests to deviate from Town Code).
July 3, 2008 (Dutchess County Department of Planning and Development)
The applicants engineer states that as proposed, ten variances will be necessary. There is no indication on the site plan or in writing of where the variances are currently requested for.”

Given the current economic climate, this project could potentially be left unfinished. June 26, 2008 (John Morabito, Planning Board Consultant)

“What happens if the housing market falters and the entire project is not viable?”

TRUTH This site could very well have significant impact on the Village and the Town of Fishkill.
Consider the following points:

  • Construction is proposed to take place over four years. This is four springs, summers and winters of on-going construction.
  • The utility distribution lines are proposed to go through roughly 1100 feet of wetlands.
  • An example of a “potential large impact” of water utilization is when a site uses 20,000 gallons of water per day. The Manor Estates project proposes to use more than THREE TIMES this amount.


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