MARK YOUR CALENDAR for Saturday, March 5 2011 at 2pm, and come to the meeting to discuss this project (location TBA). This project is STILL in the planning stages and has NOT been approved – there is STILL time to have an impact!

Here are the ‘unofficial’ minutes of the meeting held on August 12, 2010 where the latest public developments of Manor Estates were discussed at the Board Meeting. There is a lot of information – read it!


This development will create some very REAL problems for Fishkill and those who call Fishkill home. These problems include traffic congestion, noise pollution, loss of housing values in surrounding developments, and water runoff posing the threat of damage to properties located nearby.

Why do you live in Fishkill? Ask that question to a Fishkill native, and he or she will probably answer that they chose to raise their family in Fishkill because this is a town that truly “has it all”. It is a quaint neighborhood with a bustling Main Street; a small village quietly tucked between the mountains and the gorgeous Hudson River – but also a place where you can hop in your car for a quick ride to one of the greatest metropolitan cities of the world.

Unfortunately, Fishkill has recently become a victim of what so many beautiful towns and cities have become a victim of – overdevelopment with little or no consideration to the town’s infrastructure. Manor Estates of Fishkill is not the only development that will potentially be erected in the area – far from it. It is just one of the few that is still in the planning stages, which means there is still time to preserve at least this small part of Fishkill.

Following are some issues that will DIRECTLY IMPACT the current residents of Fishkill:

  1. Along with the upsurge in new families moving into this new development, will come hundreds of additional vehicles. Anyone who has travelled down Route 52 between the hours of 4pm and 7pm know that this road comes to a standstill at that time. What will happen when the addition of hundreds of new cars are suddenly channeled through the area? Residents living on and around Route 52, in particular the intersection of Route 52 (Main Street) and Jackson Street will be forced to deal with what will at best be a major inconvenience and at worst become a roadway that is a danger to negotiate.
  2. One of the great things about Fishkill is its central location. Hop onto I84 and you can find yourself in Manhattan in just over an hour. Fortunately, the natural landscape that Fishkill boasts of does more than just decorate our back yards. Trees actually buffer sounds – something that it is hard to fully appreciate until it is too late. Imagine the sounds that will fill the air once those acres of woods are gone. Not just the noise made during a year of heavy construction, and not even simply the sounds of a few hundred more cars that have just been dumped onto the streets, but the sounds of 18 wheelers flying down the highway.
  3. If you own your home in Fishkill, and are living near this new development, think about what will happen to its value. In today’s financial climate, can any of us afford to allow yet another factor draw from the value of our home?
  4. Additionally – any residents currently living on Wheaton Avenue would be interested to know that along with this development is the possibility of an access road – connecting Wheaton Avenue to Manor Estates via a roadway between 107 Wheaton Ave. and 105 Wheaton Avenue.
  5. While much of the land is slated for development, a portion of this is actually protected wetlands. Because the entire parcel of land is so very wet, and only a portion of it is protected, this issue becomes a great concern to those living close by, especially families who own homes on Wheaton Avenue. The residents on this street are already dealing with runoff and water related problems. Once this land is developed, this will become an even greater problem.
  6. Finally, if those acres of established trees and peaceful wetlands are destroyed, this neighborhood will quickly lose its identity as a quiet, quaint neighborhood that “has it all”.

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