WOW! I don’t know what I was expecting from tonight’s meeting but this was NOT IT. I was so excited as the meeting went on that I took TERRIBLE notes, but here is what I’ve gathered in a nutshell…because of the ILLEGAL logging that was done between November 1 and January 4 (when a stop work order was finally issued, but only after repeated phone calls from area residents to Building Inspector Joel Petrus), the ability of the builder to do the development has been SET BACK. WAY BACK.

My understanding is that – the environmental studies that were done by the builder are now completely moot as the terrain has been completely altered by the logging. I can’t speak for what is going on in anyone else’s head – but if I was that developer I’d be … unhappy.

I would like to send out a big hug and a kiss and a THANK YOU to the landowner shot himself in the foot with a double barrel shotgun full of GREED.


Manor Estates on Town Agenda for Thursday June 9

Manor Estates is listed to be reviewed tonight. Please note that there has been a lot of activity regarding Manor Estates over the past few months and things have been amped up over this past winter. My gut feeling is that sometime in the next month or two there will be a public hearing at which point we will have to deal with the reality of this development being pushed through by the current administration.

Please try and be present for tonight’s meeting. It starts at 7pm and will conclude at 11pm. I will be at the front of Town Hall in a pink t-shirt that says “Got Traffic” with the www.keepfishkillbeautiful.com website on it :).

Memo from the DEC

I contacted the DEC to see if they had anything on file regarding this proposal and received the following comment:

“at this point DEC does not have any official permit applications in for this proposed project. So far, DEC has only been contacted for a pre-application assessment. The Town of Fishkill sent in the plans for DEC comment (resource screening). DEC responded to the Town in Feb 2008 with a template response that only identifies what resources are in the vicinity of the project. At this point, according to DEC Environmental Permits staff, it looks like a State regulated wetland (WF-20, Class 3) is located on the proposed project site, however, based on preliminary plans, all proposed work is located out of wetland and 100 foot adjacent area. 
This is the extent of the information DEC has at this point. DEC does not have an environmental assessment form (EAF) for the proposed project and no information yet re: other DEC permits (such as water supply, SPDES wastewater).”

Stop Work Order regarding timber harvesting at Baxtertown Woods

The first week in November I called Joel Petrus (town Building Inspector) twice to let them know that enormous trees were coming down in the woods- literally flatbed trucks of huge trees were being brought out daily. I never had a response from anyone. You can see my note published on my Facebook Page on the dates that I made the calls. Just scroll down to the posts from November.

Then, a stop-work order was (finally) issued…on January 4. Almost two months after my phone call. An enormous amount of damage took  place in that time, and since the work was stopped there are huge trees and tree limbs hanging half-cut throughout the woods. Talk about dangerous!

May 1 meeting follow up & next steps

Well MANY thanks to all of the people who showed up on May 1. Clearly this is a big concern for local residents. It was great that so many people showed up…and I am more committed than ever to continue moving forward with distributing information.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions regarding what the “next steps” are.  So here goes:

I’m forming a group called Residents for Responsible Development in Fishkill (RRDF). This will be a watchdog style group of volunteers who will focus on this particular project (and possibly more down the road) and do what we can to make sure that whatever development is done on this property will:

1. Reflect the CHARACTER of Fishkill and it’s neighborhoods and not detract from the aesthetic beauty of this unique town.

2. Put no additional stress on our schools, roadways, waterways, and natural ecosystems.

Meeting May 1 at 2pm

We’ll be meeting Sunday May 1 at 2pm in Fishkill. I will be putting up a copy of the latest development plans & talk to individuals regarding what’s going on with this development (whatever I know – and hopefully more people will have more information!).

If you are interested please contact me at fishkillnyresident@hotmail.com for directions & to rsvp.

Well HERE it is!

I finally got my hands on the plans  for the proposed development. Check it out…we’re looking at 60 townhomes and 140 proposed apartments. I noticed that they’ve nearly doubled the number of apartments since the original proposal – what I’m seeing as an attempt to adhere to the guidelines for high density/low income housing.

All I think of when I see this are the quotes from the Town Board meeting last August:

Town Engineer Andrews: The plan calls for development very close to neighbors on surrounding properties in a couple of places in particular. “We’ll entertain waivers if you’re sensitive to the community around you.”

From Chairman Knips: There are problems with roads and parking lots. Aesthetically, they’re not particularly pleasing. Plus, there has been very little thought given to plowing in the winter.

Boardmember Harvey: There is “too much on that parcel….the word ‘barracks’ comes to mind.”