August 2011 flooding pictures

After the water receded I was left with about 6 inches of silt and a ton of rocks, boulders, rusty paint cans, etc that had washed down to my property.

Here is an aerial view of the woods taken in 2006. I’m trying to find a current picture so that you can get an idea of how many trees have been taken down (again, without a permit).

Tree removal at Baxtertown Woods from 2009 to 2011.


A view of Baxtertown Woods over
the roof of my home taken in September 2008.

BEFOREA view of Baxtertown Woods looking up the hill from the back of my property.
This was taken in late October 2008.




A view of the trees from the road as they looked in November 2008.



FLOODING on Wheaton Ave property:

Animals that live within the ecosystem at Baxtertown Woods:

Ms. Red Fox

Praying Mantis


Male downy woodpecker

Click beetle

A handsome dragonfly.


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